Marli Watson


An authentically youthful voice

Marli Watson is a young audiobook narrator and voice actor based in Orlando, Florida. She is fascinated by other cultures and languages and has traveled to over fifteen countries as a result – including a year spent in Germany as an exchange student. In her free time, Marli enjoys making digital and traditional art, creative writing, competitive swimming, and spending more money on books than she probably should. Described as “versatile,” “nuanced,” and “incredibly directable,” Marli has narrated works ranging from traditional classics like “Pollyanna” to dark-and-magical contemporary fiction.


“I think you’re an outstanding narrator. You have everything it takes to do this job.” – PJ Ochlan

“Marli has the ability to imbue ‘straight’ narration with an engaging emotional nuance.” -W.W.

“Your narration style has a certain mystique to it that fits the tone of this book superbly well! […] Ordinarily I have at least a few notes for narrators when beginning a new project but I honestly wouldn’t change a thing about your approach here.” -I. McInnes

“Marli is literally one of the best narrators I’ve worked with! Love the tones and emotions in her reading!” -L.A.

“The amiable, conversational tone to Marli’s narration here compliments the text quite well.” -E.G.